Unconventional thinking at the forefront of technology
  • Apps built everywhere

    App development services from experts, delivering exceptional experience and ROI for all major platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and more.

    • Smartphones & tablets
    • Desktop (Mac or PC)
    • The WEB
    • Watches & glasses (wearables)
    • Smart TVs
    Apps built everywhere

  • Coding from ground to cloud

    Innovative solutions for every type of business. From conventional mobile Apps to embedded systems and large-scale cloud solutions.

    • In-house software development
    • Co-located technology teams on-demand
    • Tech Incubator & accelerator services
    • Experimental software
    • IT Consulting
    Coding from ground to cloud

Who are we?

We are a dynamic and innovative software-powerhouse based in the UK, providing software excellence not only for the general public, but also 'white labelled' solutions for government and businesses around the world.

Mobile content the smart way!

Meet BSmart and SmartApp, a groundbreaking mobile platform that lets companies publish and manage engaging content to their audiences easily...