ForeMinds is a dynamic company that delivers both traditional and experimental software solutions based on extensive technological experience, training and expertise.

Taking a different approach to most technology companies, we invest fully to transform ideas into cutting-edge products, and pride ourselves on our flexible and personal approach. We never stop until we have made each and every corporate project happen, and all ideas a reality!

We use high-tech tools, capable minds, resources and an unswerving approach to deliver premium software solutions, from app to cloud services, on time and within the budget.

As a trademark of Bottosso Limited, ForeMinds has grown from small beginnings in the late ‘90s, when it operated solely in Brazil, into a leading global software company. Our head office is located in Maidstone just outside London – UK, we also hold small development teams and representative offices worldwide including the USA, Germany and Brazil.

Management team

Haroldo Bottosso (Managing director)
HB is addicted to work and to experimenting with new technologies. He lives to design, and eats, sleeps and breathes software, from entire systems to content and user interfaces. When he’s not inventing or designing, HB manages the ForeMinds team and makes sure every idea becomes a reality.

Nigel Mo Szu Ti (Head of software)
Nigel is a compulsive coder who focuses obsessively on details. He needs to work as part of a team or he would forget to eat and drink, viewing such activities as insignificant compared to coding!  Experienced and qualified, Nigel has a degree in Computer Science from King’s College London.

Rosa Santos (Operations)
Rosa brings the personal touch to the team, designing user interfaces based on an understanding of human behaviour. Qualified to degree level as an Occupational Therapist, Rosa uses her experience and know-how together with her people skills to keep projects forging ahead and on track.


We are totally committed to our clients and end-users, making sure that whatever we do can be measured by concrete results. We don’t simply participate in a project – we immerse ourselves! Fully committed, we lead the way with innovation and solutions that really matter and make a difference.

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