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Here at ForeMinds, we have a unique approach to everything we do, including hiring. We value people willing to jump straight in, happy to commit to a project from the word Go and who never look back until the work is done.

If you’re super-smart, bursting with ideas and talent, and love working hard to achieve your goals, then get in touch! We welcome applications from everyone, and our flexible approach means we can accommodate most working patterns. Be creative – we don’t care about a formal CV or cover letter. While work experience and formal qualifications are good, they aren’t required. Ultimately, we want exceptional people!

Simply fill in the form below, telling us a bit about yourself, your expectations and any super-powers you may have!

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Selection process

We don’t have a formal one as you can guess. So, if you don’t hear from us soon, don’t worry. We tend to keep the details of all “sound” candidates for any future opportunities : )

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