ForeMinds is at the cutting-edge of new technology, providing research and development services to a wide range of sectors.

Mobile applications

Today’s world moves fast and businesses need to engage with customers easily and in real time. Mobile applications matter to enterprises of all sizes, enabling communication to flow between them and their audience as well as providing vital data for a competitive edge and business growth.

ForeMinds invests heavily in app development for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. With software solutions designed for corporations and end-users alike, we work across multiple platforms including iOS and Android devices.

Our Experimental Software Development Team needs little input to work their magic too, thanks to extensive knowledge and experience in app development. From an initial spec or simple sketch, the team develops models that lead onto fully functional, accessible products.

Desktop based applications

As innovative app developers, we provide bespoke desktop software solutions for individual businesses.

Always open to trying new technologies, we work closely with businesses to deliver exceptional desktop solutions that work beautifully with different company types and requirements.

Desktop applications are designed to accomplish the most complex and demanding tasks, enhance working practices, and provide instant access to the content that matters most and facilitates smarter business decisions.

Cloud systems

Cloud systems mean scalability, flexibility and control, for less. Reduce operating costs and increase performance in every kind of business, using innovative cloud software and cloud solutions.

ForeMinds offers virtually any application your business needs on the move including secure and responsive management applications, point-of-sales, CRMs and more. With the look and feel of desktop applications, our cloud systems run in your internet browser, giving you the utmost flexibility when it comes to running your business.

Now you can access data instantly and securely using a cloud system that is always available.

Experimental labs

Futuristic and ideas-led, we welcome challenging technology projects. Happy to try anything, we often work on ideas never explored before, the unconventional and unusual, as well as the more traditional software development solutions.

Whether code for a prototype robotic arm is needed, software written for a revolutionary invention, or a completely new programming language is required to be developed from scratch, ForeMinds is your perfect partner.

For example, we recently developed technology that transformed a simple mobile phone SIM card into a tracking device. The SIM card is now able to transmit SMS messages with the item’s positioning should it ever become lost.

We take ideas forward and use intelligent, unconventional technologies to make exciting and game-changing software and products.

White label and intellectual property 

ForeMinds offers flexible solutions for intellectual property, from white label applications that are completely branded by your company, to options that include a complete transfer of ownership of any source code, design and IP rights, in addition to the original product.

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