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Modular software solutions that support and promote business

ForeMinds creates and maintains customisable libraries of code, from application kits and app templates to engines. Our ready-made kits, templates and frameworks are highly adaptable, white label, fully supported and inexpensive software solutions. Some examples of the application kits available can be found below.

Rapid game framework (GameKit)

The GameKit is a linear 2D game engine, ideal for rapid prototyping and testing, that deploys mobile games for the two most popular platforms (iOS and Android). The production process is simple, requiring only three steps:

1. – Definition of interaction, levels and controls
These are then translated into script language that forms the core of the game

2 – Graphics, sound and effects production
GameKit supports a wide variety of graphic and sound types, from simple PNG files to sprites and vectors, allowing total freedom for the designers and easy utilization of already-made themes and/or brand identity.

3 – Device testing and publication
During the construction process, games can be tested on a simulator or tablet devices. Final versions are then compiled to work with specific platforms to allow for greater performance.

Mobile Learning Platform (MLP)

The latest technology is used to create an optimised individual learning experience via mobile phones. Users are able to learn, revise, practise, track progress and access additional materials to boost training and understanding.

MLP is supportive and the app contains videos, internet links and information, letting the user interact in-depth with ease. The uses for the MLP app are numerous, from driving tests to university entry exams.

Gallery and Content Navigation Platform (GCNP)

The GCNP offers an intuitive interface which links graphics with information, featuring animated browsing and an unobtrusive glass menu.

Content is arranged around media panels that can be set into albums or collections and browsed through in horizontal and vertical scrolling, zoom and more. Supporting HTML content and links to the web, these media panels flip to reveal content on the reverse; and can be used to trigger telephone calls, MMS and messaging. The user also has the ability to send files to email or to save to library.

This platform is ideal for branded apps that need links to further content and services. The ready-made format of the mobile platform ensures a fast turnaround time for the app, letting the client promote their services immediately. Uses for GCNP apps include portfolios, products demos and art exhibitions.

Advanced audio processor (AAP)

The audio processor or “engine” is ultimately a set of codes and technology libraries that enable audio signals to be emitted to and from mobile phones and tablets, and processed in real time. Using this innovate technology, we are able to create amazing stand-alone Apps and offer a wide range of features and resources as “add-ons” for our clients Apps. Standard features includes:

  • Real time 2 way audio processor
  • 3 to 16 band sound Equalizers
  • Filters & effects
  • Compressors
  • Buffer and recorder
  • I/O signal processor for VU meters & visualizers
  • Panning and splitters

We’ve put our audio processor technology to multiple uses. Examples include amusing apps that distort voices in real-time, and technology that filters imperfections on professional studio-like environments.

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