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From Thought to Profit – Get Your Idea to Market

Think for a moment. Do you have an idea for a great App? Of course you do. Every one does. But this idea is special. It’s an idea that could revolutionise business, even people’s daily lives. And certainly provide you with a substantial new income stream. So how do you plan on bringing your idea to a wider audience?

Turn YOUR IDEA into a viable PRODUCT in only 12 weeks*

ForeMinds “Zero-to-Hero” incubator program A fully managed, UK-based team of coders, designers and other tech experts, in a non-stop 12 week mission, all under your leadership and supervision to build your great new venture!

  • Blazing-fast route to market with safe fixed costs!
  • No need to go head-hunting, take hiring risks or even maintain an office or buy equipment
  • Keep the code, documentation and any assets from your product from day one!
  • Advice on business-model, branding, marketing and raising further investment
  • Face-to-face meetings and constant progress updates
  • No need to raise hundreds of thousands or giving away your ownership at early stage
  • Tax efficient – Apply for R&D tax credits – offset future profits.
  • Walk away at any point if your circumstances change*

Ideas can die on the vine

Of the millions of ideas that people have each year, only a tiny fraction are developed. An even smaller fraction of those ever start down the road to becoming highly successful businesses. So why not getting in touch for an initial chat in confidence. Then come and meet the team at our Kent HQ or let us get to you for a comprehensive concept review and project viability check.

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