On-demand tech teams

Near-site outsourcing with a twist,

When considering between hiring real employees or using free-lancers for your new high-tech venture, ForeMinds™ can deliver the best of both worlds!

“By using free-lancers overseas you get not only the low-cost, but also problematic communications, lack of commitment and reliability. On the other hand, formally employing specialised developers, architects, DBAs and managers is not only expensive, but also leads to employment obligations and even more overheads. Repeating this process every time your requirements or project scope change makes it even worse!”

ForeMinds™ can supply multidisciplinary technical teams to fit your requirements and its constant changes, a wide range of proprietary technologies and the management services to “jump-start” any venture. In fact providing you with a fully-committed “near-site” technology department, right from our London unit; unparalleled efficiency and low cost!


  • Multidisciplinary teams on demand.
  • A fraction of market cost.
  • All aspects of software design, architecture, development & testing.
  • Pay only for productive hours on a simple “pay & go” model.
  • Low deposit and no long-term contracts.
  • Flexibility to increase or reduce production capacity.
  • Full control over the line schedule, projects and priorities.
  • Access to a wide range of ForeMinds™ technologies.
  • Face-to-face meetings, a designated project manager and full reporting.
  • No need for head-hunting, training, office space, equipment, employment obligations, etc.


  • Use of all ForeMinds™ team members.
  • Plans from 12hrs/week with project management services.
  • Lifetime “zero-fee” license model on any ForeMinds™ technology used in your products, including: SmartApp©, AAP©, GameKit© and more.

Areas of expertise:

  • Apps & games for all major mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Complex cloud systems and web applications.
  • Experimental technologies.
  • Advanced resources for interactive digital content.
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