Mobile publishing

ForeMinds has created a revolutionary fully managed mobile platform that enables businesses of any size to effortlessly deploy and maintain their own high quality content-driven App. No need of a dedicated infra-structure, IT people or specially made content.

Designed with business in mind, the two-part platform consists of a state of art cloud system (BSmart) and bespoke mobile applications (SmartApps), all working together to deliver a cost-effective solution with an amazing user experience. Ideal for catalogues, magazines, brochures, training manuals or as ad-hoc App sales tool.

  • Great experience

    Amaze your clients and win new audiences by showing content that matters, accessible any time at finger tips and carried everywhere right with them, enhance relationships and strengthen brand awareness with a polished, personal approach.
  • A breeze to operate

    Our fully managed solution is truly non-disruptive, allowing you to concentrate in what you do best, running your business. We will maintain and update all the tech stuff and do everything around it, so you don’t have to!
  • Unprecedented ROI

    As users enjoy and interact with the relevant content, companies enjoy not only the direct sales leads, brand-awareness, referrals and customer loyalty, but also real-time metrics that allows knowing in advance what works best, leads to interaction, sales and growth, dramatically increasing efficiency.


A comprehensive and yet easy to use cloud system to manage mobile applications and content across different platforms. BSmart simplifies everything so you can focus on what really matters, informing and engaging with your audiences, all while capturing vital market data. BSmart allows things like:

  • User registration and management
  • Message system with SMS-style broadcasting
  • Use of conventional “print-files” as raw content source
  • Integration with your business tools and reports
  • Comprehensive audience metrics and statistics


Bespoke, native mobile applications that are “cloud connected” delivering a first-class user experience, opening a direct communication channel that triggers sales, engage and captivate new audiences, raise brand-awareness and allows a bird’s eye view on users behaviour.

SmartApps are content-driven Apps that are flexible enough to be used not only publicly as interactive magazines and brochures loaded with amazing features, but also as an excellent ad-hoc (authorised users only) solution for things like order taking, support manuals or directories, presentations and event guides, just to name a few!

Great user experience!

  • SmartApps comes with a wide range of  features to enhance the user experience: over-the-air content updates, notifications services, multiple language and location support, natural multi-touch gestures (pinch to zoom, scroll, text selection, copy & paste, etc.) expandable table of contents, dynamic searching, favourites, snap and share pages, tap to call, send email or open links, built-in web browser, HD video player, contacts integration, maps with GPS and directions support, public and personal mail messages, realistic visual and sound effects, multiple orientation screens, editions manager, help with visual tips, newsstand support (iOS) and much more.

Be at the forefront of mobile publishing!
Get in touch to discover how ForeMinds can help your business using BSmart and SmartApps in a fully managed solution.


February 2018
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